AMEN Philippines Conference 2023

Our world is in the middle of the final assaults of the Enemy. Disease, sickness, and death are on the rise. And as prophesied, it will be this way and will become much worse until the end of this world.

In the hospital, the e-cart is the most valuable tool in the emergent resuscitation of life. When a code is called for a patient, this crash cart is front and center as the source of drugs, devices, and different delivery systems for the immediate situation.

Once upon a time, there was a world emergency cart in the form of an ark. It preserved life for the few who chose to utilize it. At present time, with us approximately 6,000 years removed from creation and living in the darkness of these last days, we are not without an e-cart. The provisions of the Almighty have always been complete and sufficient.

This conference aims to focus on the e-cart/ark work we are called to do during this Investigative Judgment before the close of probation. Certain practical applications of this work have been left unlearned or unheeded, and so it is imperative that as health advocates we not only have the right e-cart and know how to use it but that we are actually putting into real-life application the preparatory work needed for the transition to a renewed life with our Father in heaven.

End-time, Christ’s Application for Restoration and Transformation (E-CART) is the theme of this year’s AMEN Philippines Annual Conference and we invite every medical professional, paramedical personnel, medical missionary, minister, student, and all involved in the gospel and health work, to prayerfully consider joining us this July in Davao City, Philippines.

Let’s study to be properly equipped as God’s world-emergency responders!

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